Thank you so much for contributing to the campaign - it is greatly appreciated!

Campaign contributions over $25.01 are eligible for a significant rebate from the City of Toronto. For example, a contribution of $200 is eligible for a $150 rebate.

Total Contributions Rebate Actual Cost
$26 $19.50 $6.50
$50 $37.50 $12.50
$99 $74.25 $24.75
$200 $150 $50
$300 $225 $75
$500 $325 $175
$750 $450 $300

Contribution rebates will be paid by the City of Toronto beginning in early 2024. Please note that contributions are not eligible for income tax purposes.

Only individuals residing in Ontario can contribute to a Toronto City Council campaign. Corporations and trade unions are prohibited from making contributions. The maximum contribution amount to a City Council campaign is $1,200. Contributors can donate to multiple municipal campaigns, but a contributor cannot contribute more than a combined $5,000 to multiple candidates on the same Council.

Please note that contributions totaling more than $100 will be posted on the City of Toronto website showing the contributor's name, postal code, contribution amount, and the name of the candidate they supported. The scanned copy of the candidate's financial statement lists the contributor's name and address for contribution amounts totaling more than $100.

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Just $6 after your rebate of $641.67.

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Contributions are ONLY permitted from Ontario, Canada residents.

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