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Downtown Transit Planning

The Ontario Line is a new subway line running from the Ontario Science Center to Exhibition in Liberty Village. It will bring three new subway stations to our ward: Exhibition, King & Bathurst, and Queen & Spadina. Corktown Station, located at Front & Parliament, will serve Distillery District residents.

I have always supported the Ontario Line; our ward is growing extremely quickly and city infrastructure needs to keep up. However, we need a city councillor who will advocate to ensure that our streets are safe and that businesses can thrive throughout construction. We need the King, Queen, Bathurst and Spadina streetcars to run during the construction. We need sidewalks and bike lanes to remain open and safe. We need strong support for businesses impacted by construction.

To ease congestion during construction, I propose creating a stop on the Union Pearson Express near King and Dufferin at Liberty Village. The Union Pearson Express takes five minutes to travel from Liberty Village to Union Station. Since this train comes every 15 minutes, it has the capacity to divert thousands of commuters to the Union Pearson Express.

Safer, Practical Streets for Everyone

Simple solutions can make our streets safer and easier for everyone. As a frequent TTC rider, pedestrian, cyclist and Uber/Lyft rider, I understand the issues from different perspectives. Let’s start with better signage, traffic light timing, and road markings.

Bike lanes need concrete barriers for both cyclists and drivers. Construction projects should not take up lanes of traffic for years. Our streets need to be physically accessible to everyone of all abilities. I support sensors for excessive noise from vehicles.

It’s time to make Vision Zero (the city's commitment to reduce traffic-related deaths and injuries to zero) a reality.

Parks and Island Access

Spadina - Fort York is very dense and I will advocate for more green space. Over 94% of ward residents (myself included) don't have a backyard. I use the parks in this ward and understand how important they are to our physical and mental health.

Most green space in this ward is on the Toronto Islands and our ferry system is slow, expensive and outdated. I will advocate to build a pedestrian and cycling lift bridge to the Islands so that all Torontonians can access this public park for free. The lift bridge would span the 250 meter Eastern Channel to connect the Port Lands to Ward's Island. We could bike to the Island from the TTC in less time than it takes to wait for a ferry!

We also need to invest in our existing parks. We need better park maintenance, more off-leash dog areas, playgrounds, picnic spots, washrooms, water fountains, and recreation space. I support allowing canned alcoholic beverages in parks.

Let's accelerate building new parks in this ward including at Bathurst Quay, Ordinance, and a new park at Liberty Village. I will work with the City and developers to get as much greenspace as possible for the Rail Deck Park.

Green Initiatives

We all want to create less waste – and city policies can make it easier to do so.

We need to install public organic green bins throughout the city and make them mandatory in apartment and condo buildings, restaurants and businesses.

We also need better labelling on waste and recycling bins around the city, since reports show that 26% of what Torontonians put in the recycling bin is not recyclable and ends up as landfill. This should be an easy fix – let’s raise public awareness on how to sort waste.

We need to support retrofitting more buildings to decrease emissions.

Every decision we make at Toronto City Council needs to be made with the climate in mind.

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Affordable Housing

I support protections for tenants such as ensuring that rent can only increase on a yearly basis in accordance with inflation. I will work with the community and developers to build affordable housing in this ward and around this city.

I will advocate for more supportive housing in the ward which is a real long-term solution to homelessess. I also support increasing our shelter system capacity.

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